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crafted for a lifetime of memories

Durapack draws its inspiration from nature and delivers long lasting products through sustainable materials. We celebrate the Great Outdoors, the Love for Travel and the Unrelenting Human Spirit.

Durapack Vintage Green Coffee grey and Navy fabrics Fabric
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We live up to the promise
We don’t compromise on materials or the time it takes to test and manufacture a genuinely long lasting product. We handpick and test each component before and during production. .
Durable design
Durapack Metro Camouflage backpack
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Cherish the memories of your travels
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vintage Coffee Grey

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"The Vintage green backpack is my favourite. I have been using it for over an year. I carry my laptop and gym clothes every day"
-Purchased Green Vintage Backpack

Arun Paliwal, Founder, Rapidbox and Fitness enthusiast

"I was recommended a Durapack backpack by one of my friends. Definitely lives up to its name. Has been my travel companion to various countries"
-Purchased Bravo Brown Backpack

Himanshu Singh, Business Traveler

"I love the colours that durapack uses. I have blue vintage with the vegan leather bottom, really happy to recommend Durapack"
-Purchased Vintage Navy Backpack

Udita Bansal, Founder, Truebrowns

"I used it on my eurotrip as my everyday backpack. Very comfortable on the back , survived a couple of rains also happily. A must buy"
-Purchased Camoflage Metro Backpack

Divya Rathi, Cross Country backpacker

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